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Community Detection and

Network Reconstruction

Eindhoven, September 19-22, 2017

Recent advances in the study of networks in the physics, mathematics and computer science communities have provided novel probabilistic tools to address various network-related problems of practical relevance. Two seemingly different, but actually intimately related, problems are community detection and network reconstruction. Community detection is the identification of groups of nodes that share some property (e.g., are densely connected with each other in a given real-world network). This seemingly simple task presents us with several computational and analytical challenges, even in very simple and idealized scenarios. Network reconstruction problems, on the other hand, attempt to infer features of a real-world network, of which only partial and/or aggregate information is available (e.g., inference from a sample of a subset of the network).

These two broad classes of problems are conveniently tackled using random graph models that preserve some observed features of the real network, while providing a probabilistic estimate for the unobserved features. This workshops focuses on various aspects of community detection and network reconstruction. Emphasis will be put on the interdisciplinary nature of both problems, and contributions will highlight both the applied and the theoretical side.


Luca Avena (Leiden University)
Jop Briët (CWI)
Rui Castro (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Diego Garlaschelli (Lorentz Institute, Leiden)
Tim Hulshof (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Viresh Patel (University of Amsterdam)

Confirmed Speakers

Sebastien Bubeck
A.C.C. Coolen
Jean-Charles Delvenne
Andrea Gabrielli
Fengnan Gao
Renaud Lambiotte
Iman van Lelyveld
Po-Ling Loh
Gábor Lugosi
Laurent Massoulie
Raj Rao Nadakuditi
Tiago P. Peixoto
Federico Ricci-Tersenghi
Tiziano Squartini
Vincent Traag
Nicolas Tremblay
Nicolas Verzelen
Ernst Wit


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Practical Information

Practical information about this venue, such as location and accommodation possibilities can be found here: Practical Information

Financial support

This and the other workshops in the Stochastic Activity Month - NETWORKS are generously sponsored by:

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