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Workshop on Statistics for Complex Networks:

Theory and Applications

January 30 - February 1, 2013

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


The dramatic improvement in data collection and acquisition technologies in the last decades has allowed for the monitoring and study of complex systems, such as biological, social and computer networks. The extremely complex and high-dimensional nature of these systems, and the growth in dataset sizes give rise to important research questions: how to perform meaningful statistical inference from very large and potentially corrupted complex data sets? Which properties of these complex systems can be inferred from such data? Can sound inference methodologies be also made computationally feasible? These and other questions have recently attracted the attention of a large number of researchers worldwide and, although important progress has been made in recent years, there are still many open and emerging problems in the general area of statistical inference in complex and high-dimensional systems.

The workshop will include a sequence of talks that illustrate advances in the theory and application of stochastic network models and statistical tools motivated by the study of complex networked systems. To promote strong and lasting collaboration between the workshop participants there will be ample time in the program for informal discussions.

This workshop is immediately preceded by the YES workshop on Statistics for Complex Networks and High Dimensional Systems. The YES workshop consists of tutorial courses and provides a solid introduction for this workshop on Statistics for Complex Networks.


Fetsje Bijma
Rui Castro
Mathisca de Gunst

Confirmed invited speakers

Peter Buehlman, ETH Zurich
Venkat Chandrasekaran, California Institute of Technology
Geert Geeven, Hubrecht Institute
Alfred Hero, University of Michigan
Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University
Marloes Maathuis, ETH Zurich
Karl Rohe, U. of Wisconsin - Madison
Kees Stam, Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam
Tom Thorne, Imperial College London
Martin Wainwright, University of California Berkeley
Lourens Waldorp, University of Amsterdam
Ernst Wit, University of Groningen


On Monday and Tuesday (January 28-29) the YES Workshop on Statistics for Complex and High Dimensional Systems is held.

Wednesday (January 30th)

  • 10:00 10:30 Registration & Coffee
  • 10:30 10:40 Opening & Welcome
  • 10:40 11:30 Kolaczyk
  • 11:30 11:50 Coffee break
  • 11:50 12:40 Wainwright
  • 12:40 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 14:50 Waldorp
  • 14:50 15:20 Leger
  • 15:20 15:50 Channarond
  • 15:50 16:20 Tea break
  • 16:20 16:50 Wieringen
  • 16:50 17:40 Thorne
  • 19:00 ????? Workshop Dinner

Thursday (January 31th)

Friday (February 1st)

  • 09:15 09:30 Coffee
  • 09:30 10:20 Rohe
  • 10:20 11:10 Stam
  • 11:10 11:40 Coffee break
  • 11:40 12:30 Wit
  • 12:30 13:00 Hauser
  • 13:00 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 14:30 Lotsi
  • 14:30 15:20 Hero
  • 15:20 15:30 Final & Closing

Oral Presentations Abstracts

Slides of some of the presentations are available by clicking on the name of the presenter in the program above.

Financial support

This workshop is sponsored by:

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